Jokes about menstruation aren’t funny.



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"You emotionally wrecked me, but you know what, I forgive you. ‘Cause at one point in my life, you were a HUGE part of it. I’m not going to be immature and say I hate you. I don’t and I can’t. I hope you have an amazing life, hope all of your wishes and dreams come true. You were my first real love but now its time to be a big girl and walk away. I will alway remember you, hope you do the same."

"When I say “I hate school” it doesn’t mean I hate education and knowledge.. It means that I hate selfish and ignorant people there. It means that I hate stress and high expectations. It means that I hate being treated like a shit. It fucking means that I hate feeling like a failure all the time."

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"Do not call me weak when on multiple times I’ve taken more pills than I could remember, knowing damn well I could die. Do not call me weak because when I did, I feel asleep scared but happy knowing I wouldn’t wake up. I felt me slowly fading. I had a shallow breathing, slowed heartbeat and a gurgling stomach because of all the pills. Do not call call me weak because when I woke up in the middle of the night, I was angry and sad because my plan failed. I tried to go and get a water bottle because my whole mouth was dry and I was beyond dehydrated but I couldn’t because I was so dizzy and I couldn’t even get off my bed. Do not call me weak when I tried drifting off to sleep again, I closed my eyes and I couldn’t tell you how long it was but I seen something unexplainable, and that’s when my eyes opened. I was afraid, but I am definitely not a coward."

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Dear Bullies.


What the hell is wrong with you?

What do you think gives you the damn right to call other people horrible names, pick on them, make their life a living hell? Every human is equal regardless.

I can only assume that you do this in order to boost your own low self-esteem and confidence. It’s sad…



I know a lot of people are going back to school today, or went back recently, and I just wanted to remind everyone with anxiety about the first day(and every day) that your reputation in high school is not going to define you for the rest of your life. It won’t matter that you sat alone at lunch…